We will need facts. To be most effective, we need to know as much as possible about you. We provide a Confidential Resume Form to describe your background and experience. A personal resume, which further elaborates on your background, is also helpful. In addition, a personal interview enables us to better relate your interest and qualifications. Feel free to provide any information which you feel might benefit an employer. All information is optional and at your discretion. You will also be given the opportunity to email us your Personal Resume once you have completed the Confidential Resume Form.

Our service is confidential. We respect the necessity to keep your contact with us on a confidential basis. All information given to us will be handled discreetly. We have earned the respect of our clients over 33 years because of this service in keeping job orders confidential. Job Classification Chart.

No candidate fees. There is no cost to you for our services. There are no contracts to sign. All fees are paid by our client companies. All we ask is your honest information and cooperation in keeping us advised of any change in your professional status.

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